why baseball is the best sport

20 Reasons Why Baseball is the Best Sport in America?

Life without baseball playing is unbelievable here! Baseball is part & parcel of the majority of Americans. We are going to show why Baseball is the best sport in America!

Do you know the history, when first played baseball game? Who was play first? How grown and become American national sports? Relations with people? Who are all-time legends of American? All of the topics we will cover here. so don’t miss reading the whole story.

There have four to five games- that are popular with the American people, like- Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Football, and Golf. Some people also play soccer that is another popular game for them. But  Baseball is the best game for the Americans.

Baseball has come on more than 150 years ago since the sport had taken the nation by storm. At least 75 years ago, it became the National sport of the United States of America.

It has been grown with getting so much popularity that it has become the nation’s first sport. We saw it has a well-decorated structure where almost all-level age players can play, that has started from four (4) years old. Some tournaments are professional league, Major League Baseball (MLB), Little League, Minor League, etc.

We try to find out why “baseball” is the most popular and best game in America. Some of the reasons we state in below-

1. Historical Values

The game has a ton of history and relation to the American culture.  Baseball is an organized sport that marked its root back to the American civil war. It was played amongst soldiers and created camaraderie or mutual trust and friendship amongst the soldiers.

After the civil war, the soldiers brought it to their families, Homes, society, and community, resulting in the increased popularity of the game.

Baseball gets important to American society. Baseball was at the forefront and abolition of the color barrier in professional sports with the addition of Jackie Robinson. He was the first African-American to play major league baseball to the Dodgers in 1947. He was the pioneer Baseball player who helped to ban the laws of federal racial discrimination.

The baseball-related company is also attached to the history of the USA. You may find different baseball bat-producing companies like- Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, 2022 DeMarini, Axe, Marucci  Easton, etc. These are very much related to their history.

2. The Ballparks

Baseball is one of the most historical games, and it has lots of ballparks or stadiums. These ballparks have stories, uniqueness, histories, and attractiveness too.

If you visit watching live games to the ballparks to cheering for your root team, you must experience its uniqueness and history.  The Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field, PNC Park, Fenway Park, Oracle Park, Petco Park, and Yankee Stadium are the top ballparks.

Fenway Park, established in 1912, is one of the oldest ballparks of baseball. The ballpark is the home of the famous Boston Red Sox Baseball team. Its iconic features are Green Monster, manual scoreboard, and the Pesky Pole out in the right field.

  3. Anyone Can Play

Many sports need some specific quality and physical strength. Like -A basketball player requires height and agility. Football or soccer requires body strength and athleticism. In hockey requires good skaters. Baseball doesn’t’ need such body strength to play. That’s why Baseball can play anyone, but fitness is always mandatory for players.

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4. The Family Game

Baseball is the most entertaining sport to playing and watching with the whole family. There have plenty of opportunities to play Baseball. A four years kid to adult family members can play Baseball or Softball.

The little league, college Baseball league, minor league, MLB all tournaments have the opportunity to watch together and cheer with the whole family and friends in a row.

5. The Rivalries

Baseball is always exciting and heart-beating for its rivalries. Dodgers-Padres, Rays- Yankees, White Sox-Twins, Braves-Mets, and Dodgers-Mets are the top five Rivalries of the 2021 MLB seasons. This sort of competition we saw every season of the professional baseball league.

You can be enjoying UNC VS Duke basketball or Hershey Bears VS Toronto Marlies Hockey or Michigan VS Ohio St Football, but that doesn’t carry over to the NFL or NBA.

In the baseball games, we see 19 individuals match-ups of that team’s battle, which you will not see in others sports. Whether you are a fan or a player, you will not find this sort of top-class competition in other sports except baseball games.

6. America’s Favorite Pastime

Baseball is one of the best things where everyone is all together. There have some reasons behind what has been called America’s favorite national pastime.

Baseball has endured many hardships along the way, from the industrial revolution, the civil war, and beyond. Baseball continues its thriving to overcome such types of financial and national hardship.

From origin to spread, there has a long history. We shouldn’t describe anything about why baseball is best because Americans already decided it to be true. There has nothing more in summer than baseball rivalries. It’s not only a single reason why baseball is the best sport in America.

7. Fun and Excitement

Almost all Americans have strongly involved with baseball. It has been long relation to their entertainment & daily life. Whether you are fun watching the game from the stands or players or coaching staff who took part in the game, Baseball gives you a good thrill.

Baseball is the most mind-blowing game, at any stage of the baseball game happens sensational things and changes the game scenario- for instance- A hitter gets hot anytime and hits the ball out of the ballpark, or the pitcher can start throwing unplayable pitches.  That is why you have to keep close attention all the nine innings with excitement.

According to the Sports and Fitness Industry, In 2019 around 15.9 million Americans played baseball. In 2018, up 21% from 2014. Nearly 110 million people tuned in to watch major and minor league games. Over 170 million people report being MLB fans.

8. Mental Game

Like other competitive sports, baseball is another mental game. Every Batters, catchers, pitcher, coach requires mental strength to cover the whole nine innings.

We see many teams are hiring a psychologist to support the mental aspects of the team players. The formal New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra says- The Baseball is 90% mental and the other 10% physical game. He was played 19 seasons in the MLB game for his team.

9. No Time Limit

Baseball hasn’t any time limits like football, basketball, hockey, and many other major sports.

Football games consist of 90 minutes with equal two- 45 minutes each half as regulation time. Basketball has consists four (4) quarters every 12 minutes, and A hockey match has divided into three (3) times 20 minutes periods. Baseball, on the other hand, has no such time limits.

A team needs to be reached to 27 outs, no matter what length the time needs. This rule makes professional games more exciting and unique. There every pitch, at-bat, batters hits, all base running are so important.

10. American National Sport

Baseball is an American national sport since the late 19th century. It has been the national sport for more than 77 years now. Jackie Robinson had his historic debut and took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers then baseball becomes a national sport.

As a national sport and first entertaining game, American people love it far more than other sports. American history says- Baseball is not only a game that is also a part of life. They proved again and again why baseball is the best sport in the United States. 

11. Fans

Baseball has massive numbers of fans around the world, the fans follow their teams with full excitement and passion. The baseball fans create the game atmosphere more exciting and enjoyable over the full matches that continued the season.

The spectators watching the games with full of drama and they form new friendships with others. If you want to see how many fans are watching baseball- go to any ballpark during a match.

Try to visit New York Yankee home venue “Yankee stadium” to watch a match of them. It has always been full of spectators that have over 50 thousand spectator capacity. If you saw the excitement of fans you might understand why baseball is the best sport of them.

12. Played During the Summer

Baseball is the game of the summer season. The players and the fan do not need to worry about rainy weather or harsh weather, such as thunderstorms or Frazee conditions, because baseball has played during the summer.

The fan can attend to watch the game in casual dress. It can be shorts and a t-shirt with your favorite sunglass which are comfortable for you.

13. All-Time Great Sports Personality

Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, and Ty Cobb are great sportsmen. If going to talk about the legends of sports, these names will come automatically.

There have no sports where these numbers of legends have! Baseball is all called the all-star game none other sports have this type of star plays together. Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, Juna Soto, and Aaron Judge are current major league, famous players. Who dominated on baseball fields now.

14. “Take Me Out To the Ball Game”

There has long history sing the song- “take me out the ball game” that played in the 7th innings since 1934. It played every game, everywhere on a professional level and many collegiate levels. The song had written by Jack Norworth & Albert Von Tilzer, and this song becomes the official anthem of North American Baseball in 1908.

The song was first played during a High School baseball game and played later that year- during the 4th 1934 World Series. We don’t saw any song sing during any game of any sports except Baseball.

15. Jerseys

Jerseys is a unique sign of a team of baseball. Baseball jerseys are a predominant that has been a long time the sport. In baseball, Jerseys are more traditional in many of the games, you saw throwback jerseys used as a tradition by most teams.

Baseball is the only sport where the coaches also wear the same dress like the players. It is a tradition that has only baseball and is set apart from others sports.  

16. Youth Tournaments

Baseball is such a game where you saw every level of ages and genders people play. Even when a child turns four(4) years, he can start playing. There have well-structured different levels of age’s baseball tournament. Every age level of the league maintained their schedule regularly, these youth tournaments played a strong impact on American baseball popularity among the people.

The parents, family, friends have the opportunity to enjoy summer or spring on the baseball field. This time most of the families were watched and played baseball altogether.

17. Opening Pitches

This is a common trend at the professional level of baseball. To start each game- there has a guest who throws the first pitch even though it does not count, it has a tradition. This guest pitcher can be a celebrity or someone others who considered as a significant person.

Many famous people have thrown out these first pitches that included the president, formal legend player, actor, or other sports professional player. This moment usually receives applause from fans and has become paramount to most of the professional baseball leagues. The Sporting Maniac first pitchers video included here in below-

18. Daily Success Stories

Baseball is a daily basis game therefore, the players and fans get daily success stories to share experiences and found the occasion of happiness. It is a notable feature of baseball that has positive to the people that is unlike other games.

So, we find daily success stories on major league games, minor league teams games, professional sports leagues, school games, and other American league games every baseball season.

Baseball is a mantel game, so there has ups and downs. If today low points happen, the next day has the opportunity to ups; it is the impressive part of baseball.  There have the opportunity for another game and have the possibility of best success.

19. Combines Individual and Team Aspects

After discussing these reasons for popularity, you will understand why baseball is the best sport in America. Baseball combines individual aspects for a team goal.

Each individual (like- the pitcher, the catcher, and the batters) is equally essential to achieve the goal, so if any of them can’t perform well in the particular game then the team may lose the match. That is why baseball is called a total team game.

20. You Learn So Many Life Lessons

Baseball is a nine innings game where you can come back any time of the game. You may hit the last two innings two or more home-run and win the matches, or a pitcher can pitch a few unbeatable pitches and win the game’s very tiny margin.

That’s the way a player can learn how you can back and win the game. It will be the life lessons on how to come back and win the life race.

Final Arguments

Although some sports news says- American football is become a popular sport to the people but yet from school level to adult level everywhere baseball has dominated position. If you went to watching major league soccer, or basketball league, or any other major sports league, you don’t find refreshment which finds from the game of baseball.

So, if you read the full story, you should understand why baseball is the best sport in the USA.

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