How to Play Baseball

How To Play Baseball By Anyone? Best Basics Guides

Do you want to play baseball?

How To Play Baseball?

If you want to know how to play baseball then you must have to know some basics about baseball. From this point of view we will teach you most of the basic knowledge here with very easy and smooth way. So if you can consent some of the minutes here we hope you will learn every major thing about baseball. Let’s start now-

Baseball is a wonderful game that is involved with the three words basically throwing, hitting, and catching. The professional game is usually composed of nine innings where the team with the highest run will be called as a winner. Every innings divided into two halves. The visiting team (players of the offense) bats in the first half of the innings and the home team (players of the defense) bats in the second half of the innings. If the two teams score the same run then they play the extra innings until one wins.

If you want to play baseball then you need these basic equipments:

  • Baseball
  • Baseball bat
  • Gloves
  • Protective helmets
  • Bases

Player and innings

A baseball game played between two teams consisting of nine players on a baseball field (usually called diamond).

If you want to know why Baseball is the best sport in America you can read our most researched content here.

Structure of Baseball Field

The baseball field organized by two regions, infield and the other is the outfield. The infield consists of four bases and the outfield is just behind the bases from the home plate point. There are two territories named foul territory and fair territory. Foul territory is outside the foul lines which are set in the left and right side of the home plate. Fair territory is the area inside the foul lines consists of infield and outfield. When the batter hit the ball with a bat and the ball flies between these foul lines called a fair ball.

Bases Position & its Lengths:

There are four bases on a baseball diamond. These bases form a diamond shape by starting from the home plate. Basically, the home plate is a starting base where the batter must have to touch to score. The other three bases are First base, second base, shortstop and third base. These bases are 90 feet from each other in the professional baseball field.

The first base is at the right side of the field, the second base is at the top of the infield, the third base is at the left side of the field and the shortstop is between the second and third bases. The batter has to run around the infield by touching these four bases to score a run.

These are the fundamental things about the baseball field that have to understand before playing.

Mechanism of the Games

 Now let’s get closer into the mechanism of the game.

The number of Umpires, their Position & Duty

The four umpires to judge the rules and regulations of the game and for making the decision. An umpire work at behind the home-plate and other three are other three bases. From the home plate umpire who stay behind of the home-plate and they rotate by clockwise rules for the next game.

The home-plate umpire responsible for calls balls and strikes. Other umpires are calls fair or foul, safe or out from their own zone. A few others decisions like- ejections, time outs and bulks can made any of the umpires of the field.

 Players and Teams Rules:

A baseball game consists of two teams, each team has nine players. Those two teams are called -the offensive team and the defensive team

-1.Offensive team (also called the batting team or visiting team always bats to score run)

-and the defensive team (also called the fielding team or home team always has to ball).

Playing Baseball Games Main Focus :

 The focus of the baseball game is-

The pitcher (player of the defensive team) which main objective to pitching to the catcher without giving any chance to hit the ball by batter. The pitcher is the player who starts the game to throw a ball towards the home plate. The rules are called knickerbocker Rules by which is also a set of baseball rules in 1945.

The batter (Player of the offensive team).Which primary objective to hit the pitch ball and collect the run.

Pitcher Mound

The pitcher mound is the very key components to the play baseball. The pitcher mound is a white slab rubber How to play Baseball Moundbasically it’s called pitcher mound or pitcher plate. The rubber plate size is front-to-back 6 inches and across 2 feet (61 inches).The pitcher usually stands on a mound of dirt called pitcher’s mound, throws the ball towards the batter to hit it who stands on the home plate.

Batter BoxesBaseball in batter box

The major baseball has a set of rules which we mention it before. Under the rules of 1945 knickerbocker Rules batter has a specific area to batting which called batter boxes. There are two batter boxes one on each side of the home plate. The both batter boxes are same size which long side is 6 feet and wide side is 4 feet accurately. The batter boxes are center of the home plate with inside line.

The batter is he who stands on the home plate facing pitcher to hit the ball by swinging the bat.

Before starting the game, the batting team chooses its lineup, which is a special order to arrange the batter. The batting lineup player stands on the batter box to get his turn to bat. This line up cannot be changed after beginning the innings. A new player can be altered with the original one. After getting out, the next batter comes to the field and tries to hit the ball that throw from the pitcher of the fielding team. The batting team always looking for getting run.

For getting run, a player must have to hit the ball and also have to become a base runner without being called out. A base runner is he who touches all the bases in order and touches the home plate at last without getting out by the defense team to score a run. After the ninth player of the batting line up or order batted, the first player of the line up starts again. One player can score only one for each time he bats.

The fielding team always prevents the batter from other teams to get hits or to score run. The defense team has seven fielders with a pitcher and a catcher. The pitcher throws the ball to the catcher in an effort to make the batter out. The catcher stands behind the batter’s home plate to catch the ball when the batter misses the hit.

Four infielders and three outfielders stand around the baseball field.

What Types Of Baseball Bat to Playing Baseball:

If you wanna discuss what sort of baseball bat use to playing baseball then the answer is-there is some sort of baseball bat use in the different age level team and also different categories.It can be wood bat, can be aluminium,composite or Hybrid bats.In Major Baseball League(MLB) basically use BBCOR certified bats and different age level may use wood bat and others types of bats too.

If you play baseball you must need a bat. There has lots of bat producer in the market.If you try the best baseball bats you may go Louisville,Rowling,DeMarini and Maurice brands.

Four infielder’s are-

If you want to know how to organize the baseman in the base then here are the base system.

  1. First Baseman:

    -whose job is to field the area near the first base of the baseball diamond and probably most important base to save run in the field that’s why the defensive time always use best player here this position.

  2. Second Baseman

    – who’s fielding position is the area between the first and second base of the baseball diamond. In the position the baseman must have to quick to return the ball that’s why this position player must be a quick hand player.

  3. Shortstop

    -the shortstop stands between third baseman and second baseman in the infield. The shortstop is the must have to field cleanly the ball and throw to the second baseman to stop runs.

  4. Third Baseman 3B or third baseman is the player who stays near third base and his responsibility to depend third base. The third to fourth base runner must have to touch forth base to complete a run that’s why the third baseman position is very important.

Three outfielder’s are-

In the modern baseball games outfielders plays important role in the defense. All three outfielders stay on the outfields of the field. They are primarily responsible to catch fly ball and ground balls a send back past to the infielders.

       1 .Left fielder– the left fielder stands behind the third baseman and shortstop of the left side on the outfield.

        2.Center fielder– the centre fielder stands behind the second base which is the centre of  the diamond.

  1. Right fielder-the right fielder plays behind second and first baseman area which is very crucial place of baseball because most of the balls go the area.

The fielding team can shift the fielders at any time depending on the type of batter. As the intention of the defense team is to prevent the batters to get hits or to score run, they applied different defensive pitches. So it becomes too difficult for the batter to contact with the bat. The batter always has to keep eyes on the ball to decide where to hit.

 Different Sort Of Outs:

There are many defensive ways to out the batter. If you try to understand how to play baseball, you have to familiar with how the batters out in the baseball.Let’s take a look at the type of baseball outs:

  1. Strikeout

    : When a batter racks up three strikes during the batting which called a strike out. Strikes depend on where the pitch ends up in the strike zone and how the batter response to the pitch. Although their there has some others rules and regulation but basically stick-out occurs when three successive pitch ends up without hit by batter.

  2. Fly Out

    -If the infield fly ball is fair,(not line or foul ball) the judgment of the umpire, the fly ball can caught by any infielder or pitcher or catcher or one of the outfielders cleanly and when there are runners on first, second or third and no more than one outs occurs then it’s called fly out..

  3. Tag Out

    In baseball tag out occurs when a base runner running for the run to near the base and fielder tag him with which can be first, second or third base fielder tag or touch the better or runner with his ball, gloves with holding the ball (the ball must be live and the runner until not touch any of the bases then this called tag out.

  4. Force Out

    – there are two types of out look like same which are tag out and force out. In force out occurs when a base-runner forced to leave his base and made him the better to base runner and a fielder or catcher tag the base runner before reach the next base or complete his base. The tag is called force-out.

These are common types of out happened in baseball. Besides that there has some sort of out but it not occurs every match. That is why we don’t it here.

After recording the three outs, half of the innings will be finished. Then the two teams switch on the baseball field. The batting team starts to play defense and the defense team starts to bat for a scoring run. The winning team will be counted after nine innings. If the game is tied, another innings will be played until there is a winner.

These is the most basics tips to know how to play baseball.If you want to know our others guides about baseball you should concentrate our next story right in the blogs.

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