2022 ZOA D-Lab (-3)BBCOR

2022 Zoa D-Lab (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

The new generation 2022 Zoa D-Lab (-3) BBCOR is a two-piece, ground-up redesign revolutionary composite bat that will dominate the plate. It will serve hitters as an elite package of power, speed, and better control.

The new Zoa BBCOR bats sound look like- CF BBCOR bats. This BBCOR bat has been released on 16 July 2021 before the World Series. Currently, the ZOA BBCOR is available on only their website.

DeMarini Innovation and Engineering Manager Don Loeffler said- the strength and performance of any composite material lie in the fiber choice, orientation, and length of the product Continuous Fiber Technology has tailored to fortify those underlying factors. D-LAB is where R&D reigns free, and Ray DeMarini’s vision comes to life.

We analyzed & wrote lots of 2021 BBCOR bats reviews. In 2021, we wrote The Demarini CF series, The Goods, The Goods one-piece, The Voodoo, Voodoo one weight drop -3 BBCOR bats, etc.

Besides that, some of the leading bats producing companies BBCOR Bats like- Louisville Slugger META, META PWR, SOLO, SELECT, OMAHA, Vapor BBCOR Baseball bats; Easton B5 Pro, ADV, MAXUM, Rawlings QUATRO PRO, 5150, VELO ACP, Marucci CAT 9, CAT 9 CONNECT, and many new Baseball bat models BBCOR bat. 

Before expounding full details, we want to highlight some facts of our Reviews-



2022 ZOA D-Lab (-3) BBCOR


Our Honest Star Rating

2022 Zoa D-Lab (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

Why is it better?

  1. The highest strength, stiffness, and consistent barrel
  2. A larger optimized hitting zone
  3. A perfect BBCOR Bat that the combination of speed, power, and barrel control













Features of The DeMarini 2022 Zoa D-Lab (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

  • Drop to weight ratio -3
  • Barrel Diameter 2 5/8 inches
  • Two-piece, all-composite design that balances speed with power
  • Balanced swing weight
  • Continuous fiber composite barrel: It’s a long, unbroken length of fiber that provides a barrel with the highest strength, stiffness, and consistency with a larger optimized hitting zone.
  • The anomaly connection A stiffer composite handle feature that ensures positive feedback on contact and a seamless energy transfer on the ball
  • The Anomaly End Cap build from all new blends of durable and lightweight materials that maintain barrel integrity to optimize performance.
  • The bat has designed to maintain a perfect combination of speed, power, and barrel control.
  • BBCOR Certification for High School and Collegiate play
  • Legal play for intermediate (50-70) and junior league divisions of the Little league
  • Full 12 Months Manufacturer warranty

Details Reviews of 2022 Zoa D-Lab (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

DeMarini 2022 ZOA is the first new generation of DeMarini BBCOR baseball bats of 2022. The DeMarini D-lab Zoa boasts an innovative Continues carbon fiber composite barrel to offer BBCOR elite hitters a prime combination of bat power, speed, and barrel control.

The special-fiber composite barrel gives superior strength, stiffness, and consistency compare to the traditional carbon fiber barrel construction.

The DeMarini bats technicians rolled its long, unbroken carbon fiber composite material in upon itself across the length of the barrel with a revolutionary manufacturing method that permits efficient weight distribution and consistent barrel performance.

Taking inspiration from the handle for the goods, the Anomaly connection system of 2022 Zoa flawlessly pairs a Continuous fiber composite barrel with a stiffer handle which allowing for seamless energy transfer and maximum exit velocity on contact.

 The DeMarini Company D-lab team put its finishing touch on the Zoa with an Anomaly end cap, a durable and lightweight cap designed for amplify bat performance. From wrapper to retirement, Zoa offers the games BBCOR hitters complete control of the dish.

The DeMarini Zoa BBCOR original (-3) baseball bat born on its own D-Lab makes the players ready to unblock their full potentials.


DeMarini is one of the top reputed baseball & softball bat-producing companies who stay with full potential till 1989. So they knew how to satisfy their users. The 2022 Zoa BBCOR (-3) baseball bat has full twelve (12) months manufacturer warranty. So, if you find any warranty issues inside the warranty period, you will get a replacement from Demarini.

DeMarini 2022 Zoa D-lab BBCOR VS 2021 The goods Baseball bat

We have to compare the new 2022 DeMarini D-lab BBCOR bats with 2021 The Goods BBCOR baseball bat. Both Demarini’s two-piece bats have some similarities and dissimilarities in each other. Both bats are two-piece, stiffer, elite power hitters and massive sweet spot bats.

The 2022 Zoa D-lab BBCOR is from composite, 2021 the goods made with alloy barrel & handle. We think alloy is still better than composite material why the goods hitting power is better than The Zoa.

2021 the goods swing weight is light to compare with the ZOA because ZOA is a little end loaded. The 2022 Zoa swing easier than the goods.

To compare the power of both bats, we get the goods are better than Zoa.

Specifications of DeMarini 2022 Zoa D-Lab (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

Pros and Cons of 2022 Zoa D-Lab (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

  • High performing barrel
  • Stiffer connection
  • Great sound & better pop
  • Better barrel control & consistent perform
  • BBCOR certified with a year warranty
  • Yet not any specific demerits identified but very costly.

Summary Reviews of the 2022 Zoa D-Lab (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

The 2022 Zoa features a reinforced Continuous Fiber Barrel composite technology, maintaining barrel integrity and allowing for the larger optimized hitting area for consistent power & better control.

We compare with The Goods and some other Demarini bat that got a popularity to the users. We have a little confusion about the price level of the new Zoa BBCOR because it looks high, but yet we hope you want to swing this DeMarini D-Lab team-crafted bat. So meet Zoa, a complete redesign of baseball bat technology for power hitter bat.

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Video Reviews of The DeMarini 2022 ZOA D-Lab BBCOR Baseball Bat (By The Baseball Bat Bros)

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