2022 Slugger Meta (-10) Fastpitch

2022 Slugger Meta (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

The five special features will make it different from other fastpitch USSSA softball bats!2022 Slugger Meta (-10) Fastpitch softball bat is a complete combination of all sorts of hitters. This stunning Louisville Slugger’s two-piece USSSA softball bat design by Jeremy Yim, Manager of Engineering for Louisville Slugger. This fastpitch softball bat -2022 will be a high-demand product.

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2022 Slugger Meta (-10) Fastpitch


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2022 Slugger Meta (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

Why is it better?

  1. A world-class fastpitch softball bats
  2. All Power, contact, and slap hitters can perform with this -10 bat
  3. A new connection system and high technology end cap made it awesome.













Features of 2022 Slugger Meta (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

  • Barrel Diameter 2 ¼ Inches
  • Length to weight ratio -10
  • Balanced swing weight
  • Two-piece, All composite fastpitch softball bat
  • Displays USSSA (New fastpitch only stamp), USA Softball ASA, ISA NSA certification
  • Black, Gray & White Colorway
  • Barrel: New MashTM barrel built-in innovative gapped wall design that leaves the space between the two internetworking barrel walls. This design immediately and continually maximizes its performance. Unlike others gapped walls bats, the slugger cantilevered inner barrel design is not connected with its End cap, allowing it to impact the game. The result of the features is its incredible barrel performance, and don’t forget its iconic sound.

  • Construction: A two-piece design featuring with new VTXTM connection system that allows for independent movement between the barrel & the handle, the connection is like a VCX connection. It provides a best-in-class feel with minimum vibrations of every swing by both contact & power hitters. This massive improvement makes it more attractive to the players.
  • Premium Louisville Slugger Comfort Grip: Premium comfort grip improves smooth feels and control through the zone.
  • End Cap: The all-new F2XTM End cap maximize barrel profile, bat control & swing speed. Its transparent design and first in a fastpitch softball bat finally has a perfect finishing touch on a bat built for elite players.
  • Swing Weight: The Meta fastpitch softball is a perfect combination of easy swing profile with just a touch of added toward the end of the barrel to help players all sort of swing.
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer Warranty

Details Reviews of 2022 Slugger Meta (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

Louisville Slugger gets it after when designing the barrel that would make up this fully composite two-piece fastpitch bat. And the result of their expert engineering tenacity is the new Mash composite design called a cantilevered construction system. The Mash barrel will come with the design of the gapped walls are composed of both inner and outer barrels, which will work together to maximize performance and expand the sweet spot of the bat.

For LS gapped design, the sizes of the spacing between the inner and outer barrel will be big that space will be consistent throughout the entire hitting area of the bat. This surface should help to create incredible performance along the entire barrel length of the bat.  Slugger expert engineer patented PBF barrel technology & VCX vibration control system improve feel and allowing players stay locked in at the plate.

Slugger’s innovation didn’t stop with the barrel, it’s also the connection point. The new VTXTM connection point will help to get all benefits, like its predecessor VCX connection system. But the newer one of the visual connection piece will be elevated a new lattice look to it. And lastly, its new F2XTM End Cap will be lightweight & stunning to look at as it is made with a clear material that will look perfect.

There is a wide range of ages player’s useable drop -10 model fastpitch softball bats going to be in its balanced feel. That will make the very versatile bat as power hitters; contact hitters and even slap hitters will reach for this bat and achieve their top performance.


Like others Slugger bats, it will cover a full twelve (12) months warranty. If you get this bat from TopBaseballReviews and get any warranty issues within the date. Please let us inform our bat experts who are knowledgeable about the replacement process of the slugger, they will help you to replace Louisville Slugger.

2022 Slugger -10 Meta Fastpitch VS 2021 Slugger LTX (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

Both Balanced swings Fastpitch USSSA softball bats are made with fully composite materials but both bats have distinct construction processes.

The 2022 Meta fastpitch constructed a two-piece mash composite barrel that was built in the design of the gapped walls, in the connection point used VTX technology allowed independent movement between the barrel and the F2X End Cap make it lightweight feels. It can use both power and contact hitters.

On the other side, the Slugger LTX drop -10 softball bats featured with speed composite design PBF technology for max pop, larger sweet spot. This bat has uses a VCX2 Connection piece for allowing independent movement. The COPA end cap for maximizing sweet spot size.

Specifications of 2022 Slugger Meta (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

Pros & Cons of 2022 Slugger Meta (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

  • All power, contact & slap hitters can use
  • Unique Sound
  • Larger sweet spot & better control
  • A consistent performing bat
  • Less vibration & lightweight feel
  • Yet any specific cons identify

Summary of the Reviews

This low compression barrel design and unmatched feel went through years, of playtesting with elite talent players to ensure not only performance but durability too. This RTX model bat features different barrel technology and its stiffer connection point creating the bat ideal for power type of hitter.

Video Reviews of 2022 Slugger Meta (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

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