2022 Easton Quantum BBCOR

Best 3 Reasons to Buy 2022 Easton Quantum BBCOR Baseball Bat

2022 Easton Quantum BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

Easton has deeply proud of their achievements, bringing back the most iconic green Easton baseball bat.

2022 Easton Quantum BBCOR (-3) Baseball bat has made by the world’s leading baseball & softball equipment manufacturer Company for power hitters and contact hitters. We have introduced a lot of 2022 baseball and softball bats reviews, Quantum BBCOR is one of the best Easton bats among all of their bats.

Easton is the most emblematic baseball and softball bat company they committed to innovation and game-changing technologies of baseball equipment. They have more than 20 series of baseball and softball bats. They made youth leagues bats, Professional league bats, softball league, t-ball leagues best baseball bats. 

They made Number #1 Baseball bats of college world series , biggest barrel, the Best combination of speed and power-hitting bat, hottest durable bat . Besides that, they have different levels of leagues baseball and softball bats that perform better.

Before expounding whole details, we want to highlight some pinpoints of our Reviews-

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2022 Easton Quantum BBCOR


Our Honest Star Rating

2022 Easton Quantum BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

Why is it better?

  1. The lightweight, durable lowest-priced baseball bat
  2. Both power hitters & contact hitters can use
  3. Well-balanced bats high technology used grip given better comfort.













Video Reviews of 2022 Easton Quantum BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

Features of 2022 Easton Quantum BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

  • Barrel Diameter 2 5/8 inches
  • Drop-3 length to weight ratio
  • One-piece, all-alloy baseball bat
  • Balanced swing weight (lots of players may feel slightly end loaded)
  • BBCOR 0.50 Certified for high school & collegiate play
  • Legal play for intermediate(50-70) and junior division of the little league
  • Gray, blue and white color-way
  • Lightweight & durable ALX100-alloy will be enjoyable to swing
  • Easton forged end cap features design
  • The handle is outfitted with a cushioned 2.2 mm flex-grip that provides comfort in hands during the swing.
  • A one-year manufacturer warranty

Details Reviews of Easton 2022 Quantum BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

Easton Quantum BBCOR is one of the best reliable baseball bats on the minimum budget. If you decide to buy the Easton Quantum BBCOR, you must save your money.

Easton simply designs this Quantum with a straightforward one-piece, all-alloy bat, using their reliable ALX100 Alloy material. You can depend on this reliable alloy to send baseballs flying over the fence by its sweet spot. When they design the bat they spared themselves by extra trimming and trapping of the bat. The Easton Quantum BBCOR features its own forged end cap with a super lucrative color combination.  Finally, due to its well-balanced swing feel will have the opportunity to swing both power hitters and contact hitters who use BBCOR Bats.

Lastly, we recommend to you, if you can emphasize caring for this bat correctly, this bat should most likely last many seasons for swing.


Easton knows their reputation for making some of the best-performing bats in the baseball bat manufacturer industry. And they also know their reputation is built to create high-technology used quality baseball bats. They have to deliver on the warranty for this bat-like their others baseball bats. Easton extends full Twelve (12) Warranties for this bat. So, if you buy this bat and get any warranty issue within the date you will get a replacement from Easton. If you want to know about replacement procedure you can contact us, our friendly bats expert will help you.

2022 Easton Quantum BBCOR VS Easton Speed -3 BBCOR

Both 2022 Easton BBCOR bats have some similarities and dissimilarities in the features. Both Easton BBCOR baseball bats featured with one-piece Aluminum alloy construction forged end cap, cushioned 2.2 mm flex grip, lightweight feels.

Both Easton BBCOR bats’ have a few difference. 2022 Easton Quantum bat reviews uses ALX100TM lightweight and durable alloy on the other side, 2022 Easton Speed used ALX50TM aluminum alloy that is also lightweight but yet powerful. Both bats’ color design and price ranges have something different. Besides that, all others features and facilities are almost the same.

Specifications of 2022 Easton Quantum BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

Pros & Cons of 2022 Easton Quantum BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat


  • Well balanced Swing feel
  • Contact hitters & power hitters can use
  • Best for high school players
  • One of the most enjoyable bats for its lightweight and durability
  • Quantum is a good option who go to low budget


  • None recognized yet.

Summary of the Reviews

The 2022 Easton Quantum 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter BBCOR baseball bat is a one-piece, balanced swing bat that both power and contact hitters can use. As a world-leading baseball equipment manufacturer Easton always made high technology used bats. Easton Quantum BBCOR has designed a very lucrative color combination at an affordable price. I reviled that it is one of the best Quantum BBCOR bats with minimum price.

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