2022 Easton Hype BBCOR

2022 Easton HYPE BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

2022 Easton HYPE BBCOR (-3) Baseball bat

Easton HYPE series is one of the prominent baseball bats series of them. The 2022 Easton Hype BBCOR has designed a two-piece, all-composite explosive light swing baseball bat.

Easton continuously releases baseball bats with high-technology used bats. They have a long history of manufacturing baseball bats series bats. Easton’s has a good number of qualities baseball bat series are ADV, Alpha, B5, HYPE, Ghost, Maxum, Quantum, Speed, Typhoon, FUZE, etc. The Top Baseball Reviews continually published their bat’s reviews last three years. The youth USA, USSSA, and BBCOR baseball and fastball bats reviews are included.

Before starting details reviews, we want to highlight major three features which would make change it with others bat –


Top 3 Reasons for our Preference

2022 Easton Hype BBCOR

Our Honest Star Rating

2022 Easton Hype BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

Why is it better?

  1. It has a massive barrel length and big sweet spot but still the lightest swinging bats of their lineup
  2. Both power hitters and contact hitters will find fascination to the bat
  3. Better comfort & solid feel with zero vibration















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2021 The GOODS BBCOR Baseball Bat

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Features of 2022 Easton ADV HYPE BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

  •  Barrel Diameter 2 5/8 inches
  • Drop-3 length to weight ratio
  • Two-piece, all-composite baseball bat
  • Balanced swing weight (some the players might say it’s slightly barrel loaded)
  • BBCOR 0.50 Certified for high school & collegiate play
  • Legal play for intermediate (50-70) and junior division of the little league
  • Navy and Red color-way
  • The New Thermo composite technology- this Hype BBCOR is the lightest swinging bat in their lineup, but its composite Barrel still displays a massive length and a huge sweet spot, these features create the bat fascinating for both power hitters & contact hitters.
  • The new connection piece creates a stiff feel at contact with a baseball, it is made with Nitrocell foam to limit uncomfortable vibration and confirm better hands feel.
  • The new pro-stiff handle is constructed with really stiff carbon fiber to display a solid feel. It also should produce an excellent feels at every contact with the baseball.
  • Power Boost soft knob technology used on the bottom of the bat provided a comfortable swing experience. As well, it should help to increase leverage, power potential, and blew out any vibrations that get past the connection piece.
  • The flow-tackTM grip provides the utmost cushion on a batter’s hands during every swing.
  • A twelve (12) months manufacturer warranty

Details Reviews of 2022 Easton HYPE BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

The new 2022 Easton Hype BBCOR baseball bat come up with some updates. These updates are on the composite material, connection point & handle.

Firstly, they have updated their composite material that will be a feature on the signature BBCOR Baseball Bat. This bat used Thermo Composite technology that looks like Easton TCT material which they were used past. They are saying this material will be allowed for an incredibly larger barrel and massive sweet spot to exist while also being very lightweight.

Secondly, it updated the connection point on the bats that called the ConneXion Max connector piece. This new ConneXion Max will make the bat stiff feels when connecting with a baseball due to the extra Nitrocell foam added to the connection point. The connection point should do an incredible job of limiting vibration on mis-hits.

Finally, its handle is built with pro-stiff carbon technology that will provide a solid feel to a batter’s hand during the swing, and Easton believes the bats will very much enjoy the top-notch hitters that it produced.

Overall, grab this Drop 3 BBCOR bat if you want to continually push forward the illustrations tradition of composite bats that Easton built last two decades.


Easton is one of the leading baseball bat manufacturer companies, they are continued to market all of the baseball and softball equipment very iconically. Surely, they haven’t established this position without customers’ confidence in their products. They always extend a year warranty for the customers. The Easton Hype BBCOR baseball bats also the same a one-year warranty. So, if you buy these bats, you will get a one-year replacement guarantee too.


Easton 2022 ADV Hype BBCOR VS 2020 ADV 360 BBCOR Baseball Bat

2020 Eeaston ADV 360 BBCOR bat

Easton is committed to introducing game-changing technology to their bats that why they introduce different high-quality technology in almost all the new bats. Both ADV two-piece BBCOR baseball bats have both similarities and dissimilarities to the features and swings. We are sorting out here what is the similarity and what sort of dissimilarities.

Both Easton BBCOR baseball bat’s similarities are- two-piece composite construction, 2 5/8 inches barrel diameter, balanced swing feel, power-boost soft knob technology BBCOR certified same one-year warranty, etc.

On the other side, both bats have some dissimilarity that are- 2022 Hype featured with new Thermo composite technology that can create explosive power, but 2022 ADV 360 BBCOR baseball bat was designed with Launch composite technology.

Easton 2022 Hype BBCOR baseball bat use Pro-stiff carbon handle, that has built with extra-stiff carbon fibers on the others ADB 360 BBCOR was used DFS carbon handle that made solid handle bat. The Hype BBCOR bat uses the new ConneXion Max for the connection point which is filled with Nitrocell Foam, on the other side The ADV 360 BBCOR baseball bat has used a lighter iSo conneXion.

The 2022 Hype BBCOR uses a new premium grip that Flows tack grip, and ADV 360 uses a custom LIZARD Screen grip, Hype color combination is Red with Navy, on the other hand, ADV 360 uses Red with the black color combination.

Specifications of 2022 Easton HYPE BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

Barrel Diameter2 5/8 Inches
Drop Weight-3
Swing weightBalanced
CertificationBBCOR Baseball Certified
Level for AgeHigh School and Collegiate Level
Color-wayRed & Nevy
Length of the bat30”/27oz, 31”/28oz, 32”/29oz, 33”/30 oz, 34”/31oz
WarrantyFull 12 Months

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Pros & Cons of 2022 Easton HYPE BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat


  • Both contact hitters and power hitters can swing it
  • Hitting bomb with no vibration
  • Massive barrel length with a sweet spot that makes it minimum mis-hits
  • Great pop with excellent feel


  • Although someone talking about price, we think it’s competitively not more than the same category bat.

Review’s Summary of 2022 Easton HYPE BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

These Easton lightest swinging lineup bats provide massive length with the sweet spot that offers an irresistible bat for both power and contact hitters. The explosive two-piece composite bat size, high-tech handle, great grip, ideal combination of a massive barrel is will be confirmed a huge opportunity for BBCOR players. So, don’t miss owning it now!

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