2022 Easton ADV HYPE USSSA

2022 Easton ADV Hype USSSA (-10) Baseball Bat

2022 Easton ADV HYPE USSSA (-3) Baseball Bat.(Easton Lightest USSSA Bats of 2022)

Do you know why the 2022 Easton ADV Hype USSSA (-10) Baseball bat will be the batter option for your youth hero for the season?

We identified three-special features that made the bat different from other youth USSSA bats of the Easton. Before you going to buying decision, you should know in detail what the specials benefits and concerns of the bats are,

As you know, Easton always used high technology features for their baseball and softball bats. They have a lot of extraordinary bat series like B5 Pro (green Easton), ADV, MAXAM, Speed comp, Easton beast, etc. Year after year, they made power hitters bats, high-performance oriented bats, contact hitters bats, longest swing bats, and lightest swing bats. All baseball and softball bats are made based on players’ demands and love.

Before expounding details review, we want to highlight key findings-



2022 Easton ADV HYPE USSSA (-10) Baseball Bat

Our Honest Star Rating

2022 Easton ADV HYPE USSSA (-10) Baseball Bat

Why is it better?

  1. Lightest swinging USSSA bats of Easton lineup.
  2. A Massive barrel length & big sweet spot delivering explosive power
  3. Both power and contact hitters can swing.


















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Features of 2022 Easton ADV Hype USSSA (-10) Baseball Bat

  • Barrel Diameter 2 3/4 inches
  • Drop-10 length to weight ratio
  • A two-piece, all-composite baseball bat
  • Balanced swing weight (lots of players may feel slightly end-loaded)
  • USSSA 1.15 Certification stamps (New NTS tested stamp)
  • New Thermo composite technology TM– This Hype is the lightest swinging baseball bat in Easton’s lineup, but the composite-barrel display still has a massive length of the barrel and a huge sweet spot. This New Thermo-composite-technology creates an attractive bat for both power & contact hitters.
  • New Connexion Max- This new connexion piece maximizes energy transfer, creates a stiffer feel and more power at contact with A Baseball, and is injected with Nitrocell foam to limit uncomfortable vibrations during the swinging.
  • Power Boost Knob- This soft-knob technology provides comfortable swinging experiences for the bottom hand. It also helps to increase leverage and power potential & cutting down any vibrations that get past the connection piece of the bat.
  • The New Pro-Stiff Carbon Handle- is built with stiff carbon fibers to reveal a solid feel. This extra solid handle provides an excellent feel on contact for both elite power and contact hitters.
  • Flow-tack grip- this flow-tack grip ensures the ultimate combination of cushion and traction on a batter’s hands during the swing.
  • Navy and Red Colorway
  • Full one-year manufacturer warranty.

Details Reviews of 2022 Easton ADV HYPE -10 USSSA Baseball Bat

The Eaton Hype USSSA (-10) design is a two-piece all composite, 2¾ inches barrel diameter, and massive sweet spot baseball bat. Easton made a few updates to this bat- Firstly, the new composite material used is the new Thermo-composite technology (similar to the TCT material that was used in the past). This new composite material makes a massive length of the barrel and a big sweet spot, which is also the incredibly lightest swinging.

Secondly, the second update featured on the connection piece, Easton Hype USSSA bats have a new connection piece called ConneXion Max connector-piece. This new connector piece ensures the bat has a stiff feel during the hitting and contact with baseball for elite athletes. It is filled with Nitrocell foam to limit uncomfortable vibrations during the swing, even if it feels comfortable on miss-hit.

And finally, the handle of this bat is built with the new Pro-Stiff Carbon technology for an extreme stiff-handle feel. This handle should feel incredibly solid in a batter’s hands, and Easton believes that top-class hitters will enjoy the feel of its previous version.

Besides that, the power boosts soft knob technology will help to increase leverage and power potential & cutting down any types of vibration and providing a stiff feel. Flow tack grip is Easton’s Premium grip that provides the ultimate combination of cushion and traction in a solid color design.


Easton knows that have a big reputation for making some of the highest-performing bats in the game. And they also know their reputation built for creating high-technology used quality baseball bats. They have to deliver on the warranty for this bat-like their other baseball bats. Easton extends a full Twelve (12) Warranty for this bat. So, if you buy this bat and experience any warranty issue within the date, you will get a replacement from Easton. If you want to know about the replacement process you can contact us our friendly bats expert will help you.


Easton 2022 ADV HYPE USSSA (-10) VS 2020 Easton ADV 360 USSSA (-10) Baseball Bat

Easton always made high-tech used baseball bats for their consumers. We swing & analyze both USSSA drop -10 bats features and find out what are the similarities and dissimilarities. Both bats are designed with 2¾ inches barrel diameter and a two-piece fully composite balanced swing bat.

The Easton 2022 ADV HYPE -10 USSSA featured with new Thermo-composite technology for the barrel, new ConneXion Max technology into the connection point, new pro-stiff carbon handle, power boost soft knob technology, and flow tack grip for ultimate solid feel on the swinging. The bat combines navy with the red colorway.

On the other side, the 2020 Easton ADV USSSA -10 baseball bat was featured with Launch comp technology, the 360 Engineering for barrel tuned precision, iSo connection, DFS carbon handle, speed cap tech, power boost soft knob technology, and Custom LIZARD Skin Grip technology. The bat combination was white with a red colorway.

Based on features, we can comment both bats are designed using high-quality technology. The Easton 2020 performed well and 2022 perform well to the date of release.

Specifications of 2022 Easton ADV HYPE USSSA (-10) Baseball Bat

Barrel Diameter2 3/4 inches
Drop Weight-10
Swing weightBalanced
CertificationUSSSA 1.15 Baseball Certified
Level for AgeYouth Bat
Color-wayNavy, Red
Length of the bat27”/17, 28”/18oz, 29”/19oz, 30”/20 oz, 31”/21oz, 32”/22oz
WarrantyFull 12 Months


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Pros & Cons of 2022 Easton ADV HYPE USSSA (-10) Baseball Bat

    • Great Pop with lighter swing weight
    • Incredible feeling
    • A wide range of ages youth players can use
    • Both contact hitters and power hitters can swing
    • High-performing youth bat


  • There have no specific cons yet, but some youth too early tell about durability concerns.

Summary of the Reviews

After thousands of swinging and overall features analyses, we state that the 2022 Hype USSSA drop -10 baseball bat is one of the lightest swing youth bats on the market for this year. Easton confirms that it is the lightest swing youth bat in their lineup. This two-piece composite bat also covered the largest area of the strike zone and incredible composite bats made by Easton. I hope you know all about Easton 2022 ADV Hype (-10) USSSA Baseball bat!

(If you are satisfied with the information, please leave a comment below).

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