2021 Rawlings 5150 USA (-11)

2021 Rawlings 5150 USA (-11) Baseball Bat

2021 Rawlings 5150 USA (-11) Bat was engineered for giving you raw power on the plate. If you want to generate more ran for the team by driving through the gaps you should take the new 5150 bats now.

The brand new 2021 5150 USA (-11) bat has a long reputation for outstanding performance to the players. This one-piece 5150 has a straightforward design that creates a covert-looking shell for this outstanding USA bat.

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We have seen the 2021 Rawlings Quatro Pro -10 USA bat has on this line of them.

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2021 Rawlings 5150 USA (-11)


Our Honest Star Rating

2021 Rawlings 5150 USA (-11) Baseball Bat

Why is it better?

  1. Aerospace grade alloy used one-piece Aluminum bat
  2. Pop 2.0 technology with better performance and durability
  3. Ultra-light weight with faster swing speed.













Features of 2021 Rawlings 5150 USA (-11) Baseball Bat

  • Drop to weight ratio -11
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter 
  • One-piece full Alloy Bats
  • Exclusively responsive 5150@ aerospace-grade Alloys are built for optimal performance and durability.
  • Advanced a longer flat barrel if you compared with an older version of this bat, it should have well balanced & bigger Sweet-spot.
  • Balanced Swing Weight.
  • Ultra-light speed cap use for lighter feel & faster swing speed.
  • Ultra-light end cap further promotes to ensure fast swing speed.
  • Black and blue color-way
  • USA Baseball certified
  • Approved for AABC, Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, Dixie Youth, Pony & Little league.
  • Full 12 months Manufacturer warranty

Full Reviews of 2021 Rawlings 5150 USA (-11) Bats

2021 Rawlings 5150 USA (-11) bat is the 2 5/8 inches big barrel diameter bat is designed for enhanced performance and durability. The drop 11 USA certified bat is the lightweight feel that can boost up the confidence level of your young players on the ground. Your young athletes feel full confidence with ultimate powerful lightweight bats. Rawlings also included of this bat some of the high technology for this bat as well.

The 5150 USA bat has a long reputation to use the widest range of age players to play. This longer barrel bat will boost the strength as he knows that his barrel will cover the larger area of the stick zone.

This aerospace-grade alloy-made barrel has made for ultimate durability and performance to the plate. The 5150 USA drop -11 size bats also give you raw power on the ground.

This 5150 USA bat features both strong aerospace grade alloy materiel that has a long reputation for top performance and updated pop 2.0 technology which creates a longer sweet-spot and smooth feel. As a result, you can able to get more base & home runs too.

The 5150 USA bat has an ultra-light end cap that you can catch up even farther high hitters at the top of the zone. This bat is approved for all USA baseball sanctioned leagues.

These 2021 5150 USA baseball bats are also available in USA Bat -5 size and -10 drop weight version. 2021 Rawlings introduce their popular Quatro, Rawlings Quatro pro, Rawlings threat all-versions bats that is BBCOR, USA, USSSA, etc. So, if you like to play with these companies’ bats you must be getting lots of bats.


Rawlings know how to be loyal and making happy to the consumers. They offer the costumers a full twelve 12 months warranty of this bat. They make sure the replaced if the bat has an issue within 12 months of purchase. So, if you buy the USA baseball bats you will get this opportunity.

2021 5150 -11 USA VS 2020 5150 USSSA (-10) BATS

2020 Rawlings 5150 USSSA (-10) Baseball bat has some similarity with the 2021 5150 USA bat. Both bats feature with the same Alloy and pop 2.0 technologies for a longer sweet spot, balanced swing weight, and same excellent feel. But 2020 5150 USSSA version drop -10 bat use 2 ¾ inches barrel diameter and 2021 USA 5150 drop -11 bat use 2 5/8 inches barrel diameter. Both bats have different color-way and different versions of bats.

Specifications of 2021 Rawlings 5150 USA Bats

Pros and Cons of 2021 Rawlings 5150 USA Baseball Bat


  • Consistent performance and smooth feel
  • Better durability
  • Aerospace-grade alloy make sure its durability
  • Pop 2.0 technologies make a bigger sweet spot which confirms the better hit.
  • Well, the balanced bat with a raw power boost.
  • Usable for widest ranges of ages players
  • Preferable for both contact and hitters.
  • Faster swing speed


  • We can’t find any mistakes or demerits of this bat till now from our hitters or others users.

Summary of Reviews 2021 Rawlings 5150 USA Bats (-11)

2021 Rawlings 5150 USA (-11) Bats is one of the best USA bats of them. These lighter USA bats have different size options so you can easily choose your perfect bat. Besides that, the USA 5150 bats have other drop weight version that is -5 & -10 drop weight and both of the bats have size option too. These 5150 bats have the approval to play different league like-AABC, Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, Dixie Youth, Pony & Little league. So, if you were playing with the previous 5150 series bats, we hope you will not miss to buy the new one. Rawlings never considers quality & standard. So don’t miss to play with these new 5150 USA bats.

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Video Reviews of 2021 Rawlings 5150 USA Bats (-11)

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